by Marissa Tettamanti


What are Cherry lips? 

Cherry lips refer to an aesthetic that is produced by applying a specific filler technique. Traditionally, lip filler trends have favoured the fuller body lips, like the Russian lips. However, more and more Hollywood stars and influencers are dissolving their lip fillers and going for a natural look. Perhaps this phenomenon is influenced by the rising social awareness surrounding body positivity and natural beauty, but it's clear that Cherry lips are quickly becoming the hottest trend in North America. 

The look originates from South Korea, where natural volume and dimension are emphasized over sheer size in lip fillers. This is due to the relatively high priority placed on maintaining a young and healthy appearance in Korean culture. In fact, the Korean language has a word called “Dong Ahn”, which, translated literally, means having a “childish face”. So how do Cherry lips contribute to being a Dong Ahn? Let’s find out. 

The differences between the Russian lips and Cherry lips

Russian lips are heart shaped lips with most of the volume being focused in the center with a defined cupid’s bow. The general aim is for the top and bottom lips to achieve a 1:1 ratio. The vertical height or the thickness of the lips are accentuated and the borders of the lips are also very clear. From the side profile, Russian lips are flat. This was in contrast to the over-done "duck lips", which is scaring a lot of people away from lip fillers to this day. Due to shifts in perception and demand, injectors found themselves with patients requesting Russian lip filler technique.  

Cherry lips, on the other hand, have volume being focused in 2 plump areas in each top and bottom lip. Hence, the name “Cherry lips” references the shape of a cherry, which is the aesthetic this filler technique is inspired by. Cherry lips have the 1:1.3 ratio of top and bottom lips. A bonus is that the 2 “cherries” on the top lip can lift the corners of the mouth, which makes them look like they’re smiling. The end result is that Cherry lips help achieve a more natural volume, youthful and innocent look. 

Can I get Cherry lips done in Canada?

Good news is that you don’t need a ticket to Seoul to get Cherry lips done! As you may know already, AE.R Skinlab is inspired not only by Korea's nature, but also follows its cosmetic trends and techniques. As a result, the nurses at AE.R Skinlab are familiar with the philosophy and possess the necessary techniques to achieve the look that is desired. In fact, many people have already requested and are satisfied with the Cherry lips filler provided by the Clinic.

Lastly, we stress that no matter how popular or common, lip fillers should always be performed by qualified, experienced injectors in strictly controlled environments. The facility, equipment, and injectors at AE.R Skinlab always meet these necessary conditions, and we encourage you to visit us to confirm for yourself. If you are unsure of what look you want or want more information, AE.R offers a 1 on 1 consultation to all potential clients, and we are certain that we will be able to provide what you are looking for.