Pregnancy & Safe Skincare

Pregnancy & Safe Skincare

by Michael Wong

Pregnancy & Safe Skincare

By: Geelda Raoofi

Today we will be going over skincare products that are safe during pregnancy vs. not safe. What makes a product "not safe" for pregnancy is that it was either never tested on someone who was pregnant to begin with or known to cause certain issues, so it's best to avoid that ingredient overall during the period of being pregnant and breastfeeding.

It's best to stick to more "clean" and simple products that do not contain actives, chemical filters (sunscreen), fragrance, parabens, and essential oils. We will get into more detail about what to stay away from later, but for now let's go over what you should be using.

Some safe pregnancy & breastfeeding routine products we carry:

SkinCeuticals: Soothing Cleanser Skin
Ceuticals: Serum 10
SkinCeuticals: Phloretin CF (pigmentation concerns)
SkinCeuticals: Discoloration Defense (pigmentation concerns)
SkinCeuticals: HA Intensifier
SkinCeuticals: Eye Balm
SkinCeuticals: Metacell B3 (pigmentation concerns)
SkinCeuticals: Retexturizing Activator (acne concerns)
SkinCeuticals: Daily Moisture (acne concerns)
SkinCeuticals: Triple Lipid Restore (dryness concerns)
SkinCeuticals: Clarifying Clay Masque
SkinCeuticals: Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50
SkinCeuticals: Hydrating B5 Mask
SkinCeuticals: Phyto Corrective Mask
ZO: Gentle Cleanser
ZO: Hydrating Cleanser
ZO: Calming Toner
ZO: Growth Factor Eye Serum
ZO: 10% Vitamin C Self-Activating
ZO: Sulphur Masque

Ingredients that are safe and something to reach for during pregnancy / breastfeeding include.

  • Mineral sunscreen (containing either titanium dioxide or zinc oxide)
  • Vitamin C - it's a super safe ingredient, and works well with other products in most basic skincare regimens, such as sunscreen.
  • Vitamin E - this is a powerful antioxidant that can help to protect your skin from damage caused by free radicals. Can be found alone or mixed with other vitamins for your skin.
  • Lactic acid - this is a naturally occurring substance, so it's unlikely to cause any harm to your baby.
  • Azelaic acid and Niacinamide - these together are a great alternative to salicylic acid, during pregnancy.
  • Glycolic acid - The ingredient is generally considered safe for breastfeeding mothers. It's important to only use products that contain low concentrations of glycolic acid (around 5% or less).
  • Hyaluronic acid - our bodies produce hyaluronic acid naturally. When applied topically, it helps to keep skin hydrated and looking plump and youthful.

What to Avoid during Pregnancy or Breastfeeding.

  • Parabens - they are known hormone disruptors and are easily absorbed into the skin.
  • Essential oils - some essential oils are known to trigger contractions, cause bleeding, or increase blood pressure. It's best to steer clear of them entirely during this period.
  • Chemical sunscreen - Chemical filters such as oxybenzone and avobenzone contain possible hormone disruptors. Using mineral filters is the best option since they are hypoallergenic and sit on the skin like a barrier.
  • Fragrance - Phthalates are commonly used in making fragrances. Sticking to fragrance-free products
  • Retinol - The topical use of retinol and retinoids may contribute to high levels of vitamin A in the body.
  • Hydroquinone - Your body can absorb significant amounts of hydroquinone, which is why it's best to avoid this ingredient during pregnancy.
  • Salicylic acid - Due to oral salicylic acid not being safe during pregnancy, doctors also recommend avoiding excessive or frequent use of skin products containing BHAs.
A lot of new mothers-to-be may get a little confused about which products need to be avoided during this period, so I hope this helps give a better idea on how to adjust your skincare routine during pregnancy/breastfeeding. It is ideal to be educated on why certain products are best avoided while others are beneficial and safe to reach for instead.
If you are planning to become pregnant, please remember to share this with your treatment provider so that they can come up with a treatment plan that is best suited for you. If you have any other questions about pregnancy-safe products, don't hesitate to reach out to us!
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