Aging & Amazing

Aging & Amazing

Michael Wong

Aging and Amazing

By Charissa Lau

As we age, there are a few things to consider. Aging is not only skin deep; what you see in the mirror is a result of the processes and structure within the layers of your skin down to bones. Don't let these facts get you down however. Knowledge is power in this case, and many companies recognize the science of the aging face resulting in newer treatments created to slow down the progression of aging! Don’t fret. To age is to be human but preventing the acceleration of aging is key, in my opinion. There are so many preventative and treatment options available for you! 

So this is what happens when we age.  Certain bones in the middle of your face will withdraw or recede a little bit which contributes to those nasolabial folds (due to the maxilla bone) and changes around the eye (due to the orbital rim bone). You may see lost volume or hollowing around the eyes. Collagen production decreases over time and the fat pads of the face that give contour, structure and volume diminish over time as well. Collagen decreasing is significant because its what gives the dermis (second deepest layer of your skin) the mass and structure of skin. Skin thickness as a result, decreases as you age. Changes in the skin that you may notice is an increase of wrinkles, sagging, changes in skin tone and increasingly dull or dry skin. This is a result of your skin tissues becoming less elastic and the fat pads diminishing or shifting over time. 

You may see the outer ends of your eyes droop downward to varying degrees. Furthermore, you notice under your eyes, a deepening in the tear trough area. Your nasolabial folds may become more apparent and “hooded” over your mouth under your cheek and some flattening at the bottom of your cheek where it meets the jawline. Some “jowling” might occur and you may notice your jawline not being as apparent or “sharp” as it used to be. You might notice the saggy skin creating a “disconnected” jawline. 

Your lips also change over time. They may become less hydrated (just like skin, lips lose moisture over time). They may become thinner and the upper lip shape may flatten out. With a loss of skin laxity around the mouth, the corners of your mouth may droop downward and contribute to a lengthening effect of the mouth. 

Changes in your skin may occur due to free radicals which is why antioxidants such as viitamin C and E are very important for your skin. They’re not being produced by your own cells. I can not stress enough the importance of incorporating them into your skin care regimen and getting enough through your diet as well. 

Don’t let all of these facts about aging bother you. If you are made aware of these facts then you can rest assured that there are treatments for the aging processes in the face. Aging is normal and all of us go through the same things! Of course, aging is variable and may be affected by some things like environmental factors, ethnicity, gender, hormones and genetics. Like I said before…don’t fret!

There are so many treatment options that you can incorporate into your anti-aging regimen! Skin tightening procedures that help with collagen production are Ultherapy and Thermage. There is a special treatment for eyes done with Thermage as well, and it targets eyelid hooding and eyebags. In terms of injectables, Sculptra or PLLA can help to stimulate the production of collagen. For “lifting”, Ulthera and threadlift treatments can provide a certain percentage of lift throughout the whole face and even the neck.

To address wrinkles…. You’ve got botox or dysport. Fillers can help you replenish volume, add contour and structure to certain areas of the face. Fillers are also golden for hydrating and plumping up your lips! If you want a less invasive overall rejuvenation for your skin, we have skin boosters that replenish and give your skin a nice glow! You can combine these treatments as well, book a consult with us to figure out your individual anti-aging regimen now! 


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