IPL Acne Treatment In Vancouver

IPL Acne Treatment In Vancouver

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IPL Acne Treatment In Vancouver

Acne is a frequent skin condition that can affect anybody at any age. It can cause physical and emotional distress, and in severe cases, it can lead to permanent scarring. Not only is acne a cosmetic issue, but it can also indicate more severe health problems.

Let's face it; acne is a pain. Those pesky pimples seem to pop up at the most inopportune times, like right before a big date or an important meeting. And even if they don't leave a physical mark, they can leave an emotional one. Fortunately, there are IPL treatments (also known as laser treatment) that can help.

IPL acne treatment in Vancouver by AE.R Skinlab is a safe and effective way to eliminate acne scars from our skin's surface. Our laser treatments are tailored for your skin rejuvenation and offer satisfaction guarantee.

What is IPL Treatment

People usually choose to undergo IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) acne treatment for multiple reasons. IPL acne treatment uses light-based therapy to reduce the appearance of acne scars potentially. For some, it is a more effective alternative to traditional acne treatments. Others appreciate that IPL is painless and has minimal downtime. Still, others enjoy the convenience of having their treatments done in-office by a professional. No matter your reasons, IPL treatment is an excellent way to rejuvenate skin.

IPL photo rejuvenation work also treats sun damage, brown spots, broken capillaries (blood vessels), and rosacea, giving you a youthful glow. The treatment works by targeting the bacteria (target cells) that cause acne scarring and the inflammation associated with acne.

IPL treatment can be done in treatment sessions or as a single treatment. The number of treatments will depend on the severity of the acne. Most people see a significant improvement after just a few treatments, but some may require multiple treatments. Not only does IPL acne treatment diminish the look of existing pimples, but it also stops future breakouts from happening in the first place. Furthermore, this procedure jump-starts new collagen and elastin production.

As a result, it is an effective treatment and a convenient way to achieve clear skin.


IPL works by using light energy in the form of pulses to target and destroys the bacteria that cause pimples. The result is a clear, smooth, and even skin tone free of blemishes. The results can last for months, giving you the confidence to put your best face forward. IPL treatment also boosts collagen and elastin growth, improving your skin texture. If you want to eliminate breakouts, IPL photo facial by AE.R Skinlab will help you achieve optimal results with minimal discomfort.

Best Ways of IPL

If you're one of the millions suffering from acne scarring, you're probably always looking for new ways to clear up your complexion and get an even skin tone. And while there are a variety of over-the-counter and prescription treatments available, you may be looking for a more natural option. IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) therapy is a popular treatment for acne scars that involves using concentrated beams of light energy to target blemishes and brown pigment. A dermatologist, technician, or esthetician can perform IPL therapy in an office setting and usually requires multiple sessions to see results. But what exactly does IPL therapy do? And is it right for you? We will let you know everything you need about IPL therapy for acne.

Intense Pulse Light therapy works by targeting the bacteria that cause acne breakouts. The light emitted from the IPL device penetrates the skin and destroys the bacteria, which helps to reduce inflammation and clears up blemishes. IPL therapy can treat various skin conditions, including acne, rosacea, sun damage, and age spots. The IPL treatment is safe for all skin types and can be performed on the face, upper chest, back, and neck. IPL therapy is typically done in three to five treatments spaced four to six weeks apart. Most people see noticeable results after two or three treatments.

If you're interested in trying IPL therapy for your acne, talk to our technician or esthetician to see if it's right for you. Remember that results vary from person to person, so it's essential to be patient and consistent with treatment to see the best results.

Preparation For Your IPL Acne Appointment

Suppose you think you are a good candidate for acne treatment - Keep going! You're about to begin on a journey to clear, radiant skin. But before you can reap the benefits of your treatment, some preparation of work needs to be done. Here's what you need to know, word of advice to get ready for your appointment:

First and foremost, avoid sun exposure for at least two weeks before treatment. This means no sunbathing, tanning beds, or spending time outdoors without sunscreen. IPL treatments make the skin more sensitive to light, so it's necessary  to protect your skin from the sun before your appointment.

Next, you are required to shave or wax the treatment area before your appointment. This will ensure that the IPL light can effectively reach the hair follicles. Ask your technician or esthetician for advice if you need help preparing your skin for shaving or waxing.

Lastly, book your appointment for a time when you can relax afterward. IPL treatments can cause temporary redness and swelling, so it's best to plan for downtime after your appointment. Unwind with a good book or nap is the ideal way to let your skin recover after treatment.

These easy tips will help you get the most out of your IPL treatment. So go ahead and book that appointment - your best skin is just around the corner!

Expectation During Appointment

Hence, you're finally going for it and making an appointment with a professional. Cheers! You're on your way to encounter the wonderful world of IPL treatment. Hold back - what precisely should you expect during your appointment?

Feel free to communicate with your technician. Let them know if you have any particular areas that you would like them to focus on or if there are any areas that you would like them to avoid. Your technician will want to ensure you are as comfortable as possible, so speak up if you need to!

Now that you understand the process go ahead and book that appointment - You'll be happier and healthier if you make this change.


As far as cost goes, this will vary depending on the type of treatment you receive, as well as the length of the session. However, most treatments will fall somewhere between $300-$400. So, while it may not be cheap, it is worth it!

Aftercare Instructions

Congratulations on your recent IPL acne treatment! Here are a few aftercare instructions from AE.R Skinlab experts to ensure you receive the best care possible.

First, stay away from sunlight for at least 24 hours after treatment. It will help to prevent any unwanted pigmentation.

Second, drink a lot of water and eat a healthy diet. It will help to flush out toxins and promote healing.

Finally, avoid touching or picking at the treated area. It can lead to infection and scarring. Don't use any skincare products without consulting your technician. These simple instructions will help you enjoy beautiful, clear skin for months.


IPL treatment is a fantastic way to reduce the appearance of acne and achieve clear skin. This treatment has many benefits, including painlessness and effectiveness for most people. While there are some side effects to be aware of, they are usually mild and go away quickly. You may experience mild swelling, but no adverse reactions have been known. You can prepare for your IPL appointment by doing a test patch and knowing what to expect during the procedure. After your appointment, it's important to follow aftercare instructions carefully to avoid complications.

Best Option For IPL In Vancouver

If you want acne treatments in Vancouver, look no further than AE.R Skinlab. At our clinic, we have many different treatments that can assist you in having your desired results. Our professional and experienced physician and technicians will evaluate your medical history. They will estimate the cost of your treatment.

At AE.R Skinlab, we believe that everyone deserves to love their facial features. Contact us today at 604 262 4111. 

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