New Year New Body! Coolsculpting Winter Special - Buy 2 Cycles, Get 1 Free!

New Year New Body! Coolsculpting Winter Special - Buy 2 Cycles, Get 1 Free!

Michael Wong

New Year New Body! 

What is your 2023 Body Care Resolution?

Written by Sharmy Peng

Lots of patients tell me that they gained a lot of weight after the Christmas holiday, especially  in the abdomen & flank area. We all know the holidays means eating lots of sweets and big feasts!

If you really want lose some weight especially the stubborn fat, we can help you with Coolsculpting. We have a promotion for Coolsculpting this month:

Buy 2 cycles get one free! 

Maybe you haven’t heard of Coolsculpting before, Let me briefly introduce it below for your reference:

Coolsculpting is a non-surgical fat reduction treatment. If you have pinch-able fat, then we can help you freeze the unwanted fat cells. The cool sculpting procedure uses a precisely controlled cooling process known as cryolipolysis to freeze unwanted and destroy fat cells and fat deposits almost anywhere on the body.

It is a very safe treatment. 

Over 7 million treatments performed worldwide according to official Coolsculpting documents. Coolsculpting has more than 70 published professional journals papers, proving it’s safety and efficacy. 

Fat cells are more sensitive to the cold than other surrounding cells so as the fat cells are frozen and destroyed, the skin, nerves and other tissues are left unharmed. 

After approximately 3 months, once the fat cells are eliminated, they are gone for good! This isn’t a hall pass to fall off the wagon but it is the most effortless way to jump-start and complement a healthy lifestyle. 

You might ask me “does it hurt?”

I would like to share my own experience with you! 

I had the Coolsculpting treatment for my abdomen last year. Overall the treatment was completely tolerable, not painful at all. It take up to one hour per session , the perfect amount of time to watch a Netflix show,  answer emails, read a book or even take a nap during the treatment if you wanted . 

The technician chose the right size applicator to place on the area of my unwanted subcutaneous fat. The initial sensation was that of suction, as if a roll of my fat got caught in a vacuum cleaner! I felt a targeted extreme cold sensation which was only noticeable in the first few seconds as the temperature dropped.

During the treatment, the technician offered me warm blankets and the device was padded with supportive soft pillows, with additional pillows under my knees, so I felt comfortable and quite cozy.  

During the treatment , the technician also provided water and snacks. If the cycles exceed 3, there would be a lunch provided. A buzzer also for me to press on if I needed anything during the process. 

Post treatment, when the blood came back to the treated area, the circulation rapidly returned and sensation started to come back, I did feel a tingling sensation for around 5 mins that completely resolved afterward. 

In between treatment cycles, I can take a quick break, go to the washroom etc; and get ready for the another area to be Coolsculpted! 

When the treatment of the first area was over, it felt cool to the touch. When the technician massages it, we call that step “massaging the stick of butter.” This is a funny looking part of the treatment, it helps to flush and drain the remaining frozen fat cells through the lymphatic system.

After completing the first side and knowing exactly what to expect, the second side was better and easy! The time actually went by very quickly. I was quite relaxed during the treatment and was amazed that when I looked at the machine, I only had 10 mins left. 

After the treatment, there was no downtime for me. I was back to work and shopping after work with no issues at all. In the evening, I felt numb in the treated area but had no discomfort whatsoever.  

Post treatment, I was recommended to drink a lot of water, to promote my body to continue draining fat cells through my natural metabolism. I was to combine this with a healthy diet and exercise to maintain the long term effects of this treatment. 

Does it work? 

It absolutely worked for me! The peak of results for me was at 8 weeks following treatment and the full result can take up to 12-16 weeks. I was so amazed by the results. 

Once I understood the tested & true technology of Coolsculpting, I was so impressed! At AE.R Skinlab, we have 2 brand new machines in the clinic.

For anyone interested, you can schedule a consultation with our technicians where they will customize a Coolsculpting plan according to your individual needs. The professional consultation provided by the technicians in the clinic will include a tailored fat loss and slimming plan for you including fat assessment, treatment course formulation and expected results. 

We love helping transform and sculpt people’s bodies to achieve their goal weights and shapes to fit into the clothes they love by killing their fat cells for good!

We are only doing the Coolsculpting : Buy 2 Cycles get 1 Free for a short time this winter!