Post-Procedure Products

Post-Procedure Products

Michael Wong

Post-Procedure Products

By Geelda Raoofi

Today we will talk about what products you should be using post-procedure. This is very important and a lot of us forget what we should be using on our skin during this period. It is essential to use certain products to speed up the recovery time. If the wrong products are used, it will make the downtime a lot longer than necessary. Without further ado, lets get into it!

There are specific treatments that may cause the skin to feel more sensitized. This can lead to your skin feeling red, itchy, hot, peeling, etc. This is all normal and expected to happen (depending on the procedure).

Some examples of treatments we provide at AE.R that you should consider these post-care products for include:

  • Fotona: Micro-Laser Peel
  • Fotona: Fractional Resurfacing
  • Fotona: 4D/6D Pro
  • DP4 Microneedling
  • Darwin: RF Microneedling
  • Thermage
  • Ultherapy

What you do at home is vital for skin recovery and how long the healing period will be. Most of these treatments make your skin a lot more sensitive to the sun, so you should always make sure you have a sunscreen that is post-procedure safe at home to be using on the days to follow your procedure (and of course every single day even after your skin has recovered)!

My recommendation out of the products we carry is:

  • SkinCeuticals: Physical fusion UV defense SPF 50 (formulated specifically for post-procedure, sensitive, and very dry skin. This is the best sunscreen for sensitive skin).
  • SkinCeuticals: Sheer physical UV defense SPF 50 (protect your skin without the weight. This sunscreen is an ultra-light mineral sunscreen that provides broad spectrum protection with a transparent finish).
  • ZO: Daily Broad-Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 50 is a lightweight, non-irritating mineral sunscreen suitable for all skin types including sensitive and post-procedure skin. This sunscreen provides great coverage without clogging pores or irritating your skin.

Combining a good Vitamin C with your sunscreen provides skin with antioxidant protection that helps protect against free radical damage. It's ideal to incorporate vitamin C back into your routine three days post treatment.

Research has shown that applying the: SkinCeuticals: C E Ferulic after laser resurfacing both immediately after treatment and on an ongoing basis helps further reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone while preventing further environmental damage. If your skin is more on the sensitive side, we also have the SkinCeuticals: Serum 10 as another post-procedure option. Generally speaking, SkinCeuticals has a different vitamin C suitable for every skin type and concern! A cleanser that is ideal for post-procedure skin is the SkinCeuticals: Soothing foam cleanser. This is a soap free foam cleanser with a high-concentration blend of botanical extracts to dissolve facial impurities while soothing sensitive skin. We also have the ZO: Gentle cleanser. The silky gel formulation is ideal for all skin types. The key ingredient sodium lauroyl oat amino acids supports skin barrier function and prevents post-cleansing dryness.

Another thing that helps soothe the skin after a treatment is a good mask with ingredients that are scientifically proven to reduce redness and inflammation in the skin.

My number one pick is:

SkinCeuticals: Phyto-corrective masque. I use this mask whenever my skin feels red and/or hot. A trick is to pop this mask in the fridge and then apply it to the skin the day after (or night of) your treatment. It would subside the redness and make your skin feel so much better. You can either use this as a wash-off treatment or apply it at night and wash it off in the morning (using it as a sleeping mask).

Another good mask option would be the SkinCeuticals: Hydrating B5 Masque. This mask is designed to intensely hydrate skin and replenish moisture levels. This is the best mask to reach for at home when your skin is feeling dehydrated and in need of a boost.

Serums to use post-procedure:

SkinCeuticals: HA Intensifier. This serum is created with the purpose of increasing hyaluronic acid levels, this formula contains a high concentration of pure proxylane, and botanical extracts of licorice root and purple rice. It's highly recommended for patients after getting dermal fillers because it is known to further enhance results and longevity of fillers.

SkinCeuticals: Phyto Corrective Gel. This would be the first serum I would recommend for compromised skin. It is a soothing gel serum that features hydrating hyaluronic acid along with calming botanicals like cucumber, thyme, and olive leaf to help soothe the side effects of post-procedure skin.

SkinCeuticals: Hydrating B5 Gel. This one is a great option for someone looking for good skin hydration. It is paraben, alcohol, dye, and fragrance-free which makes it such a suitable choice for healing skin. It provides optimal hydration without clogging pores. The key ingredients include hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5.

There are many moisturizers that can be used after treatment. Ideally you should be going for something more lightweight to let your skin breathe and also have adequate moisture levels.

Moisturizers to use post-procedure:

SkinCeuticals: Metacell B3. This moisturizer includes 5% niacinamide (vitamin B3) and 15% pure glycerin as the key ingredients. It is a lightweight emulsion that delivers intense hydration without a heavy or tacky feel. It's known to improve skins laxity and helps prolong the results of a Chemical Peel and Laser treatment.

SkinCeuticals: Epidermal repair. This is known to soothe the skin and diminish the appearance of redness. The key ingredients include Beta glucan and Titrated extract of centella asiatica. These ingredients promote cell renewal and protect skin from environmental stress.

ZO: Hydrating creme. This is formulated for post-procedure skin. It contains Ophiopogon Japonicus Root Extract which helps restore skin barrier function and hydration. It also contains Colloidal Oatmeal – providing fast-acting skin soothing benefits.

Keep in mind that a series of treatments are recommended for best results (at least 3) and having the right home-care products to reach for during your healing process. Take a look at the products on our website to find the ones I have listed above, or feel free to book a complimenary skincare consultation to discuss the best post-care routine for you.