Summer Skin Tips!

Summer Skin Tips!

Michael Wong

Summer Skin Tips!

By Geelda Raoofi

Summer is almost here! A lot of us switch up our skincare routine/products during summer because the air isn't as cold and dry. I am always one of those people that double cleanse every night and would occasionally rinse my face with warm water in the morning (skipping the cleanser) when my skin is feeling extra dehydrated during the winter months. I think it's a good idea to cleanse your face morning and night during the summer because we sweat so much more, especially while we are sleeping. The last thing we want is to deal with clogged pores. During summer it is essential to protect our skin from environmental damage.

Tips on how to keep your pores clean and refreshed.

  • Exfoliate your skin 1-2 times a week. This will help products penetrate better, keep your pores clean, and prevent future breakouts. The best exfoliant I have used which I have probably mentioned in the past is the ZO: Exfoliating Polish.
  • Antioxidants neutralize free radicals and it's essential to use them (especially during the day). It helps enhance protection against UV rays when paired with a sunscreen. Examples of these antioxidants include Vitamin C from Skinceuticals or AOX Illuminating serum / Daily power defence from ZO. These antioxidants are meant to be the first thing to go on your skin after cleansing (except Illuminating AOX serum can be applied after your moisturizer and before sunscreen).
  • Sunscreen should be your #1 best friend in the summer. Carry one in your bag to re-apply when you're out and about and spending hours in the sun. SPF 30 or higher is recommended and re-application every 2 hours. Wearing SPF can lower your risk of getting skin cancer by 50% by protecting you from UVA and UVB rays which are the leading cause of premature aging.

Once the damage is done, reversing it is much more challenging than prevention. I hear a lot of people who don't wear sunscreen regularly say they don't like sunscreen because of "how it feels on their skin" or some complain that it's applying "chemicals" onto the skin. Let me clear some of these misconceptions for you! If you "don't like how it feels" either due to the tackiness, white cast, or any sort of residue it may leave behind.

There are endless types of sunscreens. It just means you haven't found the one that is the best fit for your skin type and tone. Some mineral sunscreens are known to leave a "white cast", while chemical based sunscreens usually do not.

Not all mineral sunscreens leave a white cast, and I have honestly tried more sunscreens than I have tried any other skincare product because I love discovering new ones that work for me. I have very fair skin and even I have come across some sunscreens that left a major white cast on my face. If you're worried about the white cast, go for a sunscreen that is water-based or gel-based.

Chemical filters are far less likely to leave a white cast and often made to blend into skin seamlessly without feeling like you have a layer of anything on your face. If you're worried about "chemicals" going onto your skin, you can focus on using mineral based sunscreens.

Chemical sunscreens are actually not harmful for your skin. The only ingredients you should watch out for and try to avoid include oxybenzone, avobenzone, and homosalate. Those chemical ingredients are more likely to irritate sensitive skin types and stinging in exposed parts, including both skin and eyes.

The sunscreen I recommend to everyone is the SkinCeuticals: Physical Fusion. Not only is it 100% mineral based sunscreen with SPF 50, but it also blends into the skin and doesn't leave any white cast or residue behind. It's perfect for literally any skin tone and leaves a subtle tint. Another wonderful thing about this sunscreen is that it's post-procedure safe. You can use it immediately after getting a laser treatment or even microneedling. If you are very fair and want something mineral without the tint, the ZO: Broad-spectrum sunscreen SPF 50 works really well for me. It even reduces redness in the skin and evens out the skin tone, but keep in mind that it'll only work in your favor if you have skin on the paler side.

The ZO sunscreen is also post-procedure safe. These are two different options that can work for a lighter skin tone and a darker skin tone. There are new sunscreens that are being released every year to offer us even more variety when it comes to comfort, protection and being a suitable match for each unique skin condition.

  • Face mists are especially refreshing in the summer. I don't know about you, but I use mists the most in the summer. It's such a great way to add some hydration to your skin while cooling down. Some toners come in a spray bottle which makes it so convenient to use as the first step in your routine, and then take it with you on the go. A lot of them can be sprayed on top of makeup throughout the day if you want that extra boost. If you're into that healthy, dewy looking skin like I am then there's some mists that can amplify that glow. SkinCeuticals: Phyto corrective essence mist is what I reach for

    when I want extra moisture on the go.

  • Wear sun protective gear if you know you will be spending a long time under the sun. I learned this the hard way when I would go to the beach or park and re-apply sunscreen just to get sunburned anyways. You can only apply so much sunscreen if you're going to be directly under the sun for a majority of the day (by this I mean over 4 hours). It's good to get 10-30 minutes of sunlight to get our Vitamin D, but spending prolonged time under the sun does more harm than good. We have all been there where we are on a trip, at the beach, or somewhere enjoying ourselves and lose track of how long we have been under the sun. The best option would then be to wear some sun protective gear. The main ones to consider are sunglasses to protect your eyes, and a hat or face shield to protect your face / chest. Sunscreen re-application is still necessary, but at least you have an extra layer of UV protection for the areas that are most sensitive and prone to getting sunburned.
  • Go lighter with makeup. It's clear why it's best to wear more lightweight makeup when it's extremely humid and/or hot outside. The more products you layer onto your skin, the more prone you are to having a breakout. Wear breathable foundation if you do choose to wear it, and switch up your moisturizer to a lighter one rather than a thick/creamy one (especially if you have skin on the oilier side)! Another tip: Don't forget to clean your makeup or skin tools (weekly) that you put onto your face almost every day. There is bacteria buildup over time, and a lot of us forget to clean them as often as we should.
  • Stay hydrated. This is probably another thing I mention almost every time because a lot of people don't realize how important it really is. When I didn't drink as much water, I felt a lot puffier and was more likely to get headaches (especially when its hot out)! Don't underestimate the power of water because this helps keep you cool since you're sweating out water from your body and it flushes out toxins. After all, the human body is made up of mostly water. Please don't deprive your body of what it needs the most to keep you feeling healthy and refreshed. All of us need at least 2L of water a day, and if you are aggressively sweating whether its from exercise or something else then you should drink up to 3L a day.
  • Double cleanse at night. It's important to double cleanse at night because a lot of us think we got all the sunscreen, products, and sweat build up off our skin with just one cleanse... This isn't true because sunscreen is actually one of the things that leaves residue on the skin leading to clogged pores if not removed properly. I like to use an oil based cleanser before going in with my foaming cleanser. If you have eyelash extensions and are avoiding oil around your eyes, use something like micellar water before cleansing your skin.
I hope these summer skincare tips can help you take better care of yourself and your skin. Summer is my favorite season, and we all deserve to enjoy our time in the sun without causing any unnecessary damage to our skin and body


If you want to switch up your routine and need a second opinion on what products are the best for you, reach us at (604)-262-4111 or Wishing you all the loveliest summer ever!