Michael Wong


By Charissa Lau

So now you know what dermal fillers do; they volumize, improve structures and draw in fluid to the injected areas. But what about your daily skin care? You perform the the steps in your regimen but have you heard of something that can enhance what you’re doing at home? Something that is LIKE a moisturizing filler for your skin? 

 Yes, there’s a special type of filler that can rejuvenate your skin, provide hydration and firmness one step further than your favourite moisturizer. These microinjections will improve radiance. The best candidates for this treatment are those seeking to address dull, dry skin, undesirable skin textures and fine lines. Are you ready to unleash glowing skin? Keep reading!

Skinboosters can be used in conjunction with other treatments.

Its great because it can be used alongside Botox and fillers and helps to address fine lines and wrinkles. You won’t have to wait for any downtime between treatments and these injectables can be done all in one appointment! If you’re getting lip fillers, Skinboosters can also be injected alongside the treatment to provide good support for perioral fine lines! Skinboosters alongside lip fillers will aid in reshaping, volumizing and rehydration for the lips! If you are receiving cheek filler, surface fine lines near the crows feet can be addressed with the filler treatment. What’s great is that you can even treat your neck and hands with Skinboosters!

Skinboosters are different from fillers in the sense that they aren’t changing the overall structure or movement of the face. It is injected but not as deep as dermal fillers. They may improve large pores or areas of the skin with fine lines but the goal is to rejuvenate the dermal layer of the skin for a dewy glow!

 It is recommended that you start off with 3 treatments, 3-4 weeks apart and then we will reassess your skin afterward. Subsequent skin booster appointments can be spaced 6-12 months apart. To make this treatment even more compelling, we are having a promotion for April! Buy 3 Skinbooster syringes for a special price (doesn’t have to be finished all in one appointment)!

Message, call or DM me for more details! I hope you are all staying on your skincare regimens in the meantime. Come in for a consult!