Belkyra Giveaway November 31, 2022

Belkyra Giveaway November 31, 2022

Michelle Lai

Belkyra Giveaway

In honour of our on-going giveaway on Instagram, let’s talk about the solution to stubborn double chin fat; Belkyra!

Our chins may be one of the hardest placements for fat reduction because unlike body fat, there are little to no diets or exercises that can be done to target that specific area. In comparison to surgical procedures such as liposuction, the Belkyra injection may be a better alternative for those who wish to receive a non-invasive treatment. 

Belkyra really works because the injection involves deoxycholic acid, which is a molecule that already naturally occurs within our own bodies. Deoxycholic acid breaks down fat cells and substances, resulting in fat reduction when injected into the desired area. 

The only downside: swelling.

Some candidates may experience swelling for approximately 2 weeks after their Belkyra treatment, although this will subside with time. However, it is still something important to consider when looking into receiving this treatment; the area may look bigger before it begins to slim down, so ensure that you have plenty of downtime to rest before showing off your new chin to the world. On the bright side, fat cells are unlikely to regenerate once they are destroyed with the injection, so results are will be permanent once everything settles in.

AE.R Skinlab is currently giving away a FREE Belkyra treatment to one of our lucky followers.

If this is a treatment you are interested in receiving sometime in the near future, be sure to head over to our Instagram to enter. Stay tuned; winners will be announced on November 31st, 2022!

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