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Botox® Cosmetic & Therapeutic

by Sophia Lee

Botox® Cosmetic & Therapeutic

Botulinum toxin was originally used as a natural muscle inhibitor in therapeutic medicine until a Vancouver dermatologist realized it would take away wrinkles around the eye by relaxing the muscles that made them; This discovery, Botulin toxin, is now the leading cosmetic procedure performed today and is widely known as Botox®. However, there are many other neuromodulators available with characteristics that may be more suited to you. 

When selecting a clinic for Botox®, it's important to find a licensed medical provider to maximize results with lower adverse effects. At AE.R, we have a licensed surgeon and registered nurse to create a customized treatment plan to smooth and relax your wrinkles without looking frozen or overdone. So rest assured, you’re in good hands!

Botox® is administered in a series of micro injections which may be added to other treatments to maximize the effect, for a longer lasting and natural appearance.  This is accomplished in younger patients by selecting muscle groups and adding dermal fillers. In mature patients, with properly prepared skin, neuromodulators are an essential part of a comprehensive management plan. This would include treating the patient with neuromodulators, fillers, threads and minor procedures. In order to reverse the triangles of aging, this sometimes requires a series of treatments as well as continued maintenance. In the younger patients these techniques enhance and rejuvenate natural features.

Botox® Cosmetic is particularly suited for the forehead, eyes and also can be used for peri oral wrinkling and raising depressed corners of the mouth, you can also treat the platysmal bands. In the younger patients, Botox® is used for turning up the nose, lip flipping, raising eyebrows, and preventing the development of wrinkles in the future.

Some of the Botox® requirements when performing an exceptional treatment are placement markings, which aid in balancing and reproducing what the patient has requested. It’s also very important to not remove facial expressions, over treatment is something that should be minimized to keep the patient looking natural. The outcome, should be of refreshed, relaxed and rested appearance. 

At AE.R, we also offer Botox® Therapeutic that is used for medical treatments, including:

    1. Migraine headaches: if you have more than 14 migraine headaches per month, you may be covered under provincial medical insurance. 

    2. Hyperhidrosis: if you struggle with excessive sweating that fails to improve with prescription antiperspirants,  you may be a candidate for Botox® Therapeutic to inhibit the sweat glands under your arms, palms of hands and feet. 
    3. Temporomandibular Joint/TMJ Pain: If you experience tension and pain relating to TMJ and/or Bruxism, you may be a candidate to receive prescription Botox to relax your masseters to relieve your symptoms.

    Your results will start to appear in as little as two days but maximize at two weeks, where we will arrange a follow up at this time. It’s usual to be retreated at 3-4 months for the first year or so, however after 2 years, muscle atrophy may develop allowing us to extend the interval of treatment.