The Darwin is a customizable aesthetic device with different technologies: LUCENT IPL (Intense pulsed light), PROLIFT RFM (Radio Frequency Microneedling), resulting in multiple treatment...

The Darwin is a customizable aesthetic device with different technologies: LUCENT IPL (Intense pulsed light), PROLIFT RFM (Radio Frequency Microneedling), resulting in multiple treatment combinations. 

LUCENT IPL™ Intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy, is an excellent way to improve the skins colour and texture. This treatment can treat visible sun damage, pigmentation, signs of aging, Melasma, acne, rosacea, and other vascular lesion.

The depth of penetration will vary according to the wavelength used. (the longer the wavelength, the greater the depth of penetration.)

With the Lucent IPL’s advanced cooling technology, this ensures patient comfort, protects the epidermis, and improves the efficiency of IPL treatment.

Treatment Intervals: 3-5 treatments every week

When will I see results? The effects of Lucent IPL are gradual, so you will begin to see a visible change in your face within 1-3 weeks.

What happens after treatment? What to expect? Freckles and age spots may appear darker for 3-7 days after the treatment, this is a normal reaction. Crusting may appear on the skin as well, This is all normal and will go away within about a week-10 days. Downtime is very minimal but your skin will feel sensitive for around a day or so. Avoid sun exposure, hot tubs, saunas, or vigorous exercise for at least 24 hours.

Does it hurt? The treatment should not hurt, if anything you may experience some light discomfort, but tolerable. The first treatment may feel tingly, but patients often say follow up treatments become more comfortable as the skin begins to clear.

PROLIFT RFM Radio Frequency Microneedling is a popular treatment that can safely and effectively address a range of facial and body concerns. This device uses the Prolift RFM handpiece with a combination of vacuum technology and fraction radio frequency microneedling to deliver precise thermal energy into the skin. By creating micro injuries, this speeds up the process or collagen and elastin production to regenerate and remodel the skins texture and overall tone. (Would healing regeneration period lasts about 3 weeks)

Popular treatments and areas:
+ Scarring
+ Full Face
+ Neck
+ Body

+ Lifting & Tightening
+ Fine Lines & Wrinkles
+ Texture & Tone
+ Stretch Marks

Can be done once every 4 weeks until desired results or based on treatment plan suggested by technician

Does it hurt?

A topical numbing agent will be applied before treatment to ensure patient comfort. The treatment should not hurt, but mild discomfort can be expected depending on the patients pain tolerance.

What to expect?

Treatments are typically well-tolerated. Discomfort can be minimized with pre-application of a numbing cream. Slight redness, swelling, and pinpoint bruising may be noticed following treatment which may last 2-3 days. A sunburn-like sensation may also be present for 24-48 hrs. Optimal results typically require a series of 3-4 treatments, Results will continue to be seen in the months following your series

Is there any downtime?

Microneedling recovery time can range from 1-3 days depending on the extent of treatment. You can return to work and school if you like after treatment, but most patients prefer staying home while the redness and sensitivity subsides. Avoid any scented products or anything with harsh chemicals or exfoliants after treatment, It is best to just let the skin breath for the first few days, and ensure you are only using gentle unscented products.


+ Treats many different skin concerns
+ Customizable treatment plan
+ Stimulates collaged production
+ Reduces the appearance of fine lines, scars and wrinkles
+ Can be combined with other facial skin procedures


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