See instant results with Cheek Filler!

See instant results with Cheek Filler!

by Michael Wong

See instant results with Cheek Filler!

By Lexi Hesse

Cheek filler is a treatment that you see immediate results from. Not only do you see results right away, but the results can last anywhere from 6 months to a year.

The appointment time is 30 minutes that gives long lasting results.

By adding natural cheek volume, it helps to open the eye, makes you look less tired and gives a youthful plump to the skin that we naturally lose in the aging process.

If you are someone who has lost significant weight, you may experience a more hollow look to the center of the face where the fat pads have decreased. Cheek filler is a safe and effective treatment to instantly get a facial lift without requiring surgery.

We work with specifically designed fillers that are meant for injecting the cheek area. It is important to choose an injector who is well versed in different filler for different areas.

At AER we have Registered Nurses and a Physician who can specifically tailor a treatment plan towards your aesthetic goals.

If you are interested in cheek filler, contact us for a consultation and we can get started.