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SPF | Sun Protection Factor or as we say at AE.R, Surely Positively Fundamental!

by Sophia Lee

SPF Does NOT Stand for Sure Possibly...Forgot

Most people try to skip this step as they “don’t go out in the sun” or it leaves their skin white and heavy however this is one of the most important steps with skin health. Here are some tips to remember next time you start your AM routine.

SPF is like a force field protecting everything it’s on from harmful UV rays and future sun damage. You might think that as your foundation has some in it and you applied it once today that you are ok but that is just not the case. For full protection from UV rays we need to apply every 2 hours for this to be effective and if mixed with a foundation it is usually more diluted then a regular SPF.

As we need to be reapplying SPF more throughout the day medical companies have made this much easier giving us a wide selection to pick from. I usually suggest starting the day with a medical SPF as the ingredients will absorb right into the skin and not feel heavy while also providing hydration. To reapply we would use a brush on SPF as this can be applied over makeup and easy to use during the day. Along with UVA and UVB most medical SPF’s also protect against blue light (from computers and TV’s) which penetrates deeper in the skin then UVA and UVB together. Skin that is not properly protected will start to produce sun damage deep in the skin that will slowly start to come to the surface over time.

Lastly SPF needs to be worn everyday all throughout the day. Even on cloudy days there are UV rays and they can damage the skin just as much as when it’s bright so don’t need as many corrective treatments later.

We offer at AE.R

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