Sam's Summer Skincare

Sam's Summer Skincare

by Sam Wey

At Home Treatments for the Summer 

Finally! It's summer, and skin health has never been more essential! 

At AE.R Skinlab, we have all the highest quality product lines to offer, including our own Brand launching soon.

Associate yourself for some painless steps you can take at home to improve your skin's health and get that healthy looking glowing complexion! Get on, put on your favourite headband, play some relaxing music, and get ready for your home facial treatment.

 Step 1. Cleanse 

The first step to any facial/at home treatments is a facial cleanser. Regular cleansing facilitates the removal of dirt, oil, and other unwanted debris that can be collected through the day. Cleaning the skin is essential to keep your skin looking radiant and healthy. 

Product recommendation: 

Step 2. Prep  (Exfoliate)

Exfoliating the skin is very important, the process of exfoliating buffs away and removes dead skin cells, resulting in silky soft skin. Naturally, your skin sheds dead skin cells every 30 days or so, exfoliating is speeding up that process, will help unclog pores, prevent acne, and can even out skin tone. 

Product Recommendation:

-Any Skin Type -  Exfoliating polish ZO (Physical Exfoliant)

-Oily Skin Type - Dual Action Scrub ZO (Physical Exfoliant)

Step 3. Treatment (Mask)

This is your treatment step. Applying a mask to your fresh clean skin will help balance out skin tone, texture, inflammation and will result in a smooth texture. There are a handful of different options we carry at AE.R that are used for different skin concerns.  Masks are best to leave on the skin for 15 minutes.. This ensures that the product is working deep into the skin and delivering a great result. 

Product Recommendation

Step 4. Hydrate (Serum and Moisturizer) 

Once you have washed off your treatment mask, hydrating the skin is your next step. This is important and should never be missed, just like it is vital to drink water and hydrate your body, same goes for your skin health. Your skin needs hydration to feel and look its best, this is essential regardless of your skin type ex. Dry, oily, sensitive, acne prone, combination. The best way to hydrate the skin would be a serum, and followed by a moisturizer if needed to lock it all in. 

Product recommendations 


The last and final step to your at home facial is applying a moisturizer to your skin. Now, this set can be optional depending on your skin type and what kind of treatment mask you used. If you think you need that extra boost of hydration and nourishment then we would definitely recommend using a good moisturizer and then heading to bed for your beauty rest. If you find that you are more on the oily side, you can still use this step just ensure that you are using the correct product recommendation and its nothing too rich or heavy for the skin.

Product Recommendations 

 Step 5. protect (SPF)

The morning after your treatment, we always recommend using a good SPF to protect your skin from all the harmful rays from the sun. Especially during the summer months! This will not only prolong your results but protect any sun damage from forming. You can refer to Bob’s Sun Protection blog for more details and the importance of SPF!

 Product recommendation 

ZO Smart tone SPF (All skin types)

SC sheer physical UV defence (All skin types)


And that’s all! I hope you enjoyed this easy step by step at home pick me up. 

There are many products here that work hand in hand with others, resulting in a perfectly organized routine that is suitable for each and every skin type.

At the present time, if you want to improve your results - we would recommend coming in for a visit and booking an in-person consultation with one of our knowledgeable technicians and skincare specialists. We have all various types of devices and services that can enhance your skin health, and deliver amazing results based on your concerns.